July 2019

Don’t Forget Anti-Harassment Training for Your Staff; Avoid Falling Victim to a Staged Car Crash Scam; How to Prepare for Possible PG&E Power Shutdowns; Why Your Staff Needs Disability Coverage

April 2019

Preparing for a Wildfire and Claims; OSHA Not Letting Up on Inspections, Penalties; Getting Benefits Right for a Multi-Generational Workplace; High Deductible May Lead to More Comp Claims

January 2019

New Name, Same Faces & Same Great Service; New Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Rules; Top 10 Laws and Regulations for 2019; Why Disability Insurance is Vital for your Employees

October 2018

We Keep Our Staff Happy So They Can Help You; Don’t Fall Victim to the E-mail Compromise Scam; To Bolster Employee Loyalty, Educate Your Staff; Will Your Policy Cover a Mold Infestation?

July 2018

Preventing Heat Illness as Temperatures Soar; Homeowner’s Policy Won’t Cover Vacation Rental; Court Creates New Independent Contractor Test; Tout Tax Benefits of Coverage to Your Employees

April 2018

Bundling Cyber Coverage in Commercial Liability; Ergonomics Key to Reducing Office Claims; How to Stay Secure While Shopping Online; Innovative Solutions Reshaping Long-Term Care Insurance

January 2018

Top 10 Laws, Regulations and Trends for 2018; Law Reduces Ownership Requirement for Exemption; This New Year Resolve to Review Your Insurance; Group Life Insurance a Smart Move for Your Staff

November 2017

How to Protect Your Employees in Wildfire Areas; Life Insurance That Kicks in Prior to Death; Commercial Auto Rates Continue Climbing; Quake Risk Requires Smart Planning and Insurance

July 2017

The Four Most Common Water Damage Claims; How Management Can Demonstrate Safety Buy-In; How Management Can Demonstrate Safety Buy-In; Building Risks Evolve, Creating Unique Challenges

April 2017

George Petersen Expands to Marin with Acquisition; Using Near Misses, Other Indicators to Cut Injuries; Most Workers Want The Option to Customize Benefits; Are You an Airbnb Host? Make Sure You’re Covered

January 2017

Host of New Laws Affecting Businesses in 2017; Pre-existing Conditions Weigh Heavily on Claims; Five Coverages You May Not Know You Need; A Benefit That Can Save Your Workers from Ruin

October 2016

Exemption for Officers, Owners Has Changed; Want to Drive for Uber? Better Check Your Coverage; More Small Firms Offer Benefits Again

July 2016

Sprinkler Damage from a Quake Can Be Costly; Better X-Mod Calculation Regimen to Start 2017; How Your Staff Can Save on Health, Childcare Services; Renter’s Insurance, for Affordable Peace of Mind

January 2016

Top 10 Laws & Regulations Affecting Your Business; OSHA Nearly Doubling Fines as Enforcement Rises; Seven Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft; Run FMLA Concurrently with Workers’ Comp

October 2015

Compliance Can Avert ADA Lawsuits by Employees; New Legislation Aims to Cut Drug, Claims Costs; Homeowner’s Insurance Won’t Cover Flooding; Voluntary Benefits You Should Be Offering

July 2015

Are Injuries on Commute or in Parking Lot Covered?; Keeping Your Home Safe to Thwart Disaster; Protecting Your Firm as an Additional Insured; Essentials of an OSHA-Approved First Aid Kit

April 2015

Suggestions for Increasing Workplace Productivity; Earthquake Safety Requirements; New Rules for Wellness Plans Proposed; Does Your Homeowner’s Policy Cover Your Home Business?

January 2015

Top Ten Laws Affecting Companies in 2015; State Fund Dropping All of Its Group Programs; Affordable Care Act Guide for 2015; Reimbursing Staff for Insurance Fraught with Pitfalls

October 2014

A Policy That Can Cover an Earthquake Claim, 60-day Waiting Period Repealed in California, Insurers May Be Willing to Negotiate Coverages and Limits, New Laws Affecting California Businesses, Cal/OSHA in Major Construction Industry Sweep, Fall Prevention Tips

July 2014

Eight Common Return-to-work Mistakes to Avoid; Out-of-pocket Limits, Preventative Services Clarified; Businesses Suffer as Employee Theft Grows; Penalties for Not Offering Affordable Coverage

April 2014

California Is Nation’s Top Cyber Crime Target, Summer’s Coming, Protect Your Outdoor Workers!, Establish A Security Culture Throughout Your Organization, Pay Attention To ACA Reporting Requirements, When You Can And Can’t Discipline A Claimant, The Workplace Discipline Playbook

January 2014

State Fund Hikes Its Rates; Administration Catches Heat over ACA Navigators; As Construction Rebounds, Put a Premium on Safety; Twelve Months of Safety Meeting Topics

October 2013

All You Need to Know About Health Reform; Costs May Rise after Obesity Classified as Disease; Is Your Data Secure Enough for Employee Phones?

July 2013

Relief: Employer Mandate Delayed for One Year; What You Can Learn from NSA Whistleblower Case; 10 Reasons to Buy Cyber Liability Coverage; Surprised Your X-mod Changed? Here’s Why; Calculating the True Cost of Workplace Injuries

April 2013

Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Campaign Focuses on Water; Car Crashes a Leading Cause of High-severity Claims; Litigation and Regulatory Investigations Mount; Health Application Form a Whopping 21 Pages

July 2012

How the Health Care Supreme Court Ruling Affects Your Business; OSHA’s Smart Phone Heat App Can Save Lives; Cost Containment is Biggest Workers’ Comp Concern; Workers’ Comp Cost-Containment Strategies; OSHA Plans New Approach to Injury Prevention

April 2012

15 signs of employee claims fraud; preparing for Flexible Spending Account changes; contractor misclassification update; preventing carpal tunnel syndrome; state-isssued construction safety training guide.

January 2012

Top ten new laws affecting businesses in 2012; how to protect your outdoor workers in winter months; email communication tips; five key points in assessing your coverage needs.

October 2011

New labor rights poster requirement; small business health care tax credit; detecting workers’ compensation claims via social media; a glimpse at health care reform; IRS increases standard mileage rate.

August 2011

Heat illness prevention; health insurance strategies; workers’ comp legislation; company auto coverage.

May 2011

How to survive a Cal/OSHA inspection; social media coverage; earthquake preparedness for businesses; cellphone rules for staff who drive.

March 2011

Tips for cloud computing; Cal/OSHA violations update; new rules for State Fund to cause many groups to be dissolved.

December 2010

Grandfathered health plans; increasing workers’ comp rates; ADA and FMLA laws; State Fund allows brokers to represent them for first time.

September 2010

Workers’ comp rate increase; key person insurance; buy-sell arrangements; professional liability insurance; social media management; Medicare Part D notification.

March 2010

Are employers liable for workers’ commute accidents?; top 10 wage and hour mistakes; ex-mod calculations; employment practices liability insurance.

January 2010

Update your internet use rules to include social media; protect your intellectual property during lay-offs; increasing penalties for workers’ comp violations; vacancies in commercial buildings can cause coverage issues; IRS to focus on worker misclassification.

October 2009

Fewer Americans with employment-based health insurance; new Americans with Disabilities Act amendments; explanation of experience modifier; farming declared most hazardous industry in the nation.

September 2009

22% workers’ comp rate hike; health care reform debate; independent contractor checklist.